News agencies and TV stations have been using high cost satellite transmission for decades. Signal Telecom offers SD or HD quality portable uplink solutions which is alternative to satellite, microwave trucks and fiber transmission. With signal telecom’s cellular-based live broadcast equipment a single reporter can create and transmit content whenever and wherever there is a story. More teams can be in the field without broadcast vans and additional equipment. You will have more live content, and this will help you to generate more revenue.

You can use one of the Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions to broadcast live from another country. With the reporter in the field, a camera man and an audio technician, they simply board a plane with the Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Device. As soon as they arrive, they set up the camera and microphone, power up the transmitter, and begin broadcasting live to your studio.

Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions has been used to stream the lime games, competitions, and highlights. Since it is a one man operation solution, reporters can make locker room interviews, game shows, press briefings, and more.

Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions enables love coverage for live weather and traffic reports. Reporter does not have to be at one steady at one location. The reporter can go live while he/she is at a moving vehicle.